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Testimonials from Our Clients

Erin facilitated our daughter's yoga-themed 5th birthday party and we could not have been more pleased with how it went! Our daughter and her friends loved practicing yoga with Erin.

When you host a birthday party with kids that are all 5 and under, there is never a dull moment. However, because of Erin's ability to engage all 20 children, my husband and I were able to attend to the other aspects of the party. A party like this needs someone like Erin who has the expertise and passion for yoga, along with the ability to engage both parents and young kids with such ease.

Erin is a brilliant yoga instructor who makes a genuine connection with everyone she meets. Without hesitation, I would book another event with Erin and strongly recommend that others do the same!

Taylor Knapik

I had enjoyed yoga for many years but it was Erin who transformed my yoga workout into a whole other experience. Erin is a very accomplished yogi but never made me, or anyone, feel self-conscious, no matter what their level of experience. She is always in teaching mode - explaining why a position is beneficial and what it is designed to do for the body. Her ability to explain the genesis, history, and philosophy of yoga is always fascinating.

However, it's Erin’s generosity of heart that stands out the most for me. She is always giving of herself. Whether it is a story or poem, a healthy recipe, or her essential oils that she uses during the class, Erin is always giving. Her upbeat attitude turns the gloomiest day or crabbiest mood into a big smile and a spring in my step.

I highly recommend Erin and The Traveling Yogi!

Carol Rolecek

"Erin and I have co-taught several classes together at the Wisconsin Athletic Club.  She brings an energy that is palpable to the participants while maintaining a pace keeps the group together and motivated. She asks for each individual’s best while reminding them that yoga is never about a competition. I would urge you to consider using the Traveling Yogi’s services; Erin is extremely conscientious, always prepared and the embodiment of kindness and compassion.  Let Traveling Yogi bring the yoga experience to you."

I have been Erin’s yoga student since 2010, it seems like yesterday! When taking any yoga class I believe it’s all about the teacher, and I love Erin’s style of teaching. She engages her students in the mind-body experience of yoga, and combines a good dose of both spiritual and physical elements. I feel like Erin’s style allows her students to find a connection within themselves, their bodies and their minds. She ends each practice with a profound quote or reading that is positive and uplifting. All of this is done with a very positive, nurturing attitude and an infectious smile.

I would highly recommend Erin and The Traveling Yogi to anyone. She is warm, welcoming, non-judgmental and very knowledgeable. She’s the perfect teacher for any level yogi!

Kat Ionson

Melinda Muto

As as Senior, the most important things to me are maintaining my flexibility and strength and keeping my independence for as long as I can, and Erin’s yoga classes have been a big piece of achieving that. Unlike most of the classes I've been to, Erin always has a different "theme" or emphasis in each class and is sensitive to reading the class in order to tailor it to the strengths and weaknesses of all members.

Erin has been my yoga instructor for several years. She brings out the best in everyone and reaches into their hearts doing it! She is not only strong and solid in yoga technique but is one of the kindest people I have ever met. On our journey together, we have emboldened each other to do the best that we possibly can in both yoga and life! I highly recommend Erin and The Traveling Yogi!

Joyce Pepper

Mindy Stratton

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