Fall Virtual Yoga

Fall Session on Zoom

The Traveling Yogi is excited to offer another 8-week virtual session so you can continue to practice in the comfort of your own space from anywhere that has an internet connection! The session runs from 9/1 until 10/22, and includes 2 classes per week: Tuesday mornings at 7am CST and Thursday afternoons at 12pm CST all on Zoom. There are a variety of ways to join us this fall for all of the Yoga fun, click below on Book Online Here for the full details.

Here is a bit of extra information - most classes will feature my multi-talented husband, Greg, as the in-house student who will model all of the poses and their variations, allowing me the ability to give much more personal attention to you, the virtual student! Also, if you "bring" a friend (who is new to my class), each of you will get a class for free. Finally, I'm thrilled to tell you that at the end of the session I've committed to donate 10% of the profits to RefuShe, a non-profit organization that benefits refugee women and their children in Kenya (www.refushe.org).

This session will be the perfect way to rejuvenate and feel connected this fall - I can't wait to practice with you!


The Traveling Yogi

Custom Yoga For All

I love what I do! Everyday I get to share the benefits of yoga and mindfulness by bringing a fully customized experience directly to you or your group in the comfort of your own space or mine.


How Do You Like Your Yoga?

Let me give you the experience you want.

Are you looking for a yoga class outside of the traditional studio? Do you need a relaxing team building venture to do with your colleagues, or a fun activity for a group of friends celebrating a rare night out? Are you a fan of calming sounds and scents - or maybe you aren't a fan of them at all? Let's connect and talk about what kind of class I can construct just for you. I incorporate my clients' preferences into my custom services and bring you the class, workshop, or event that fits your unique wants and needs.

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Corporate Events

"Erin brings an energy that is palpable to the participants while maintaining a pace that keeps the group together and motivated. She asks for each individual’s best while reminding them that yoga is never about competition with oneself or others so it’s important to listen to their bodies first and foremost. I would urge you to consider using The Traveling Yogi’s services; Erin is extremely conscientious, always prepared and the embodiment of kindness and compassion. Let Traveling Yogi bring the yoga experience to you." -Kathy Ionson

Private Yoga Parties

"Erin is a very accomplished yogi but never made me, or anyone, feel self-conscious, no matter what their level of experience. She is always in teaching mode - explaining why a position is beneficial and what it is designed to do for the body. Her ability to explain the genesis, history, and philosophy of yoga is always fascinating. Erin’s generosity of heart is what stands out the most for me. She is always giving of herself. Whether it's a story, a healthy recipe, or the essential oils that she uses, Erin is always giving. Her upbeat attitude turns the gloomiest day or crabbiest mood into a big smile and a spring in my step." -Carol Rolecek


Kids Yoga

"Erin facilitated our daughter's yoga-themed 5th birthday party and we could not have been more pleased with how it went!  Our daughter and her friends loved practicing yoga with Erin who is a brilliant yoga instructor and makes a genuine connection with everyone she meets. Without hesitation, I would book another event with The Traveling Yogi and would strongly recommend that others do the same!" - Taylor Knapik

Individual Instruction

"When taking any yoga class I believe it’s all about the teacher, and I love Erin’s style of teaching. She engages her students in the mind-body experience of yoga, and combines a good dose of both spiritual and physical elements. I feel like Erin’s style allows her students to find a connection within themselves, their bodies and their minds. I would highly recommend Erin and The Traveling Yogi to anyone. She is warm, welcoming, non-judgmental and very knowledgeable. She’s the perfect teacher for any level yogi!" - Melinda Muto


Who is Erin?

Yoga has been an integral part of my life ever since my dad introduced me to it at 14 years old. Since then, I've observed time and time again that the principles I practice on my yoga mat significantly influence me even when I step off of it. They allow me to navigate life’s challenges with as much grace and authenticity as I can while rediscovering my own bright light and boundless potential. As my light burns brighter so does my desire to show others how they can use yoga to rediscover their own beautiful light and live life to their fullest potential.


"Nothing exists by itself alone. We all belong to each other; we cannot cut reality into pieces. My happiness is your happiness; my suffering is your suffering. We heal and transform together."

Thich Nhat Hanh


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